Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Project Continues

Today we are going to be striking out for the ferry. We have to go back to Ontario to tie up some loose ends. We have been working like crazy to try and get the place closed in....we're almost there. The past week has been a bit hectic. The weather has not been in our favour for the most part. We were even gifted with 5 cm of snow yesterday. The temperature hasn't climbed much above freezing.

These pictures will tell you what we've been up to all week. Basically for me, I have been shingling like a mad man the whole week and working on putting cedar shakes on the gable ends. Ted has been "grounded" for the most part..unless I needed an extra hand pulling a string line or laying tar paper. He has kept himself busy with painting, getting the doors in and getting a start on the windows.

The structure goes up relatively fast but its all the finishing work that takes the time. There are so many little details that take way longer than anticipated. Its all the detail that gives the place personality though. We've had many people stop and say that the style looks good.

So, here is what we're leaving the place looking like. It'll have to wait a week or so to get any more attention. Hopefully, you all have enjoyed our story up until this point. I gotta run because we still have to pack and we've gotta be on the road in an hour. I just didn't want you all to feel like you were left hanging.
See some of you soon.


  1. I LOVE the style! It is really coming together and looking great!! Way to go guys!

  2. It's starting to look homey. The colour of the siding, the natural shakes on the gable end,... a sweet place to grab a cup 'o joe and do some reading in a seat by the window. Cheers!