Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Roof...The Difficuly level was rather "STEEP"!!

Finishing the walls was kinda disappointing. Even though it meant lots of progress it meant starting something new. You just feel like you're becoming good at the stud layout, placing windows and doors etc. and then you change projects. They say that change is as good as a rest (which I firmly believe) but we were just getting into hammering the walls together.

The floor joists went smoothly, took a day for us to nail down. The hardest part was practicing toenailing. We had it mastered though in short order.

The roof rafters started smoothly once we had a template that we could use....the trouble came when we were trying to figure out the valleys and their intersection.

As the week went on, the weather and our progress slid a bit down hill (we still worked just as hard but the day seemed to go too fast and we hadn't accomplished what we thought we would have). We had snow on Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday was bitter cold and today we woke up to fog and a thin layer of ice on our working surface....up high on the roof. We decided it would be safer to work on solid ground until the ice melted.

This afternoon was very nice for working. We were very grateful for this.

What was that Compound Angle again??

I'm sure this picture doesn't mean much to you but let me tell you, it was a days work for us. Lets just say that it boggled our minds!! Lets just say (to justify how much trouble we had) that we don't think we had the correct tools to make the job go smoothly. Again, the nail puller came in handy. I think we took out more nails than we put in.

If you know Ted, you know that he has a calm and cool disposition when things go wrong. Me, not so much. I must admit, I was pretty frustrated by the end of the day. I think Ted was too though.

Thank goodness we had the compound miter saw. Trying to get the right compound angles to fit our valley beams was a test.

Do I see something starting to come out of the woodwork?

Slowly, the roof started to take shape.

No major casualties as a yet..must be cause we had a lot of wood to knock on.


This is the roof all ready for sheeting. Well, almost. It was getting dark and hard to see the nail heads. I've already wacked my finger pretty hard a couple times and I didn't want to add insult to injury. So, we called it a night.



  1. That is absolutely AMAZING!! I am in awe as I read your blog and see your pictures!! You guys are amazing, and the place looks fabulous! Way to both deserve a huge pat on the back!

  2. We were starting to worry that you were working too hard, and it sounds like you have been. Hoping things go better next week for you. I hope you have rembered to calculate extra support for the snow loads for Newfoundland. You have worked so hard and done a huge amount in a short period of time. Keep up the good work, we cheering for you!

  3. I was wondering the same thing....about the snow load. I trust you have considered 'all the angles', including snow load, valley mitre's, wind shift and fog blindness. OK, OK, I'm just making stuff up now!

  4. Yes, we did take into consideration snow load. Although, here, the snow doesn't accumulate on the all blows away with the high winds. The steep pitch of the roof will also keep the snow accumulation to a minimum

  5. As for the wind shifts Greg, we thought we would build to allow for wind shifts. This way we could sway with the wind while up in the loft. We would get the feeling like we're one with nature..hehe

  6. I always liked the framing part of building. What your building really takes shape st that point. Looks magnificent you guys. Echo the snow load/wind load question but I'm sure you allowed for it. Do you use Simpson Strong ties to hold the roof down for those strong winds?

  7. Wow! I don't think I realized the full extent of what you were doing! This is amazing !!! What a dream!
    I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog - it's been awhile - you've done so much since Ryan was born. I love the little tree transplant and the poo story too . (of course)

  8. I really like unfinished structures the bones of things the under carriage- Looks great- Good fortune with building-