Thursday, 5 May 2011

Keepin Busy

There was quite the competition for this bone. So, Crosbie tried to bury it....only, he must have got tired before he finished because 3/4's of the bone was sticking out of the ground.

We find these bones down on the pebble beach where the docks are in Crow Head. We figure they must be whale or seal bones. It keeps them busy while we're hard at work.

If Crosbie has the bone Iris sits there waiting patiently until she can steal it away from him. Crosbie does the same thing to Iris but he doesn't have the "smooth snatch" down pat yet.

A couple days ago, we went for a walk at the end of the day. Well, Crosbie must have been on a wild goose chase because he lost track of where he was. I was pretty worried, with the worst thoughts running through my head. Ted was sure he would be waiting on the doorstep when we got home....he was right...we got our little boy back!!

Our Most Accurate Weather Forcast

We actually have two barometers in the house. This one I got from Andrew (my brother-in-law) for Christmas. Here you see fairly high pressure which means no big storms are waiting to attack.

The time we had all that snow and wind a couple months ago the pressure was so low that the water in the barometer started to come out the spout. It is a great place to keep an eye on the barometer.
Ted is quite obsessed with it. He keeps walking over to his older fashioned one and giving it a tap so he can read it accurately....I make fun of him a bit for it.

Putting the lid on

The past few days we have been finishing the overhang and the finishing touches on the roof frame. Yesterday, we starting the sheeting. Its been kinda cold but we've managed to survive the days. We now have half the roof done...the hardest part...the valleys. Tomorrow, weather depending, all our mistakes will be covered up...Johnny, the mayor, dropped by and said we were building extra secure compared with other Newfoundland construction.

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  1. Iris is a goddess of bones, she carries ancient wisdom about how to best get the best bone (s). Crosbie can learn much from the master (mistress) LOL
    sounds like you guys are coming in on a home run, getting everything clad on the exterior is a big big step.