Monday, 9 May 2011

Meat on the Bones

Soooo, we are moving forward our backs getting more sore and our knees in our pants getting more worn. The building is now taking shape.

The siding will not be this colour of pink. The boards came primed with this colour on it. We used "barn board" which is basically a plywood siding. We got it on sale for a great price. By the time we put aspenite on and a vinyl siding (which is what most people use here) we could just put on the barn board and save ourselves some time and money. In a couple years, if we feel like it, we can change it to wood siding or something else. All we would have to do is put the siding right over top of the barn board.

Thank Goodness for Informative and Friendly Hardware Stores

We ordered our shingles over the phone and had them delivered. They showed up with a 5 gallon pail of plastic cement. This is really thick tar. We questioned the driver as to what that was for or whether it was for our order. Well, we became a little more enlightened. Here in the windy parts of Newfoundland, they glue down every shingle tab. Yes, if you're thinking what we were thinking when we heard, you might think that its crazy. Well, not so crazy. If you don't glue the shingles down they will away.

Derek, our neighbour's son, was over taking a look and showed us how the process of gluing on the shingles worked. You spread a layer on each tab of two shingles and sandwich them together. You do the same until you have a pile. Then, when you go to put them up, you peel them apart and nail them down. Lets just say.....its not as smooth a process as it would be in Ontario.

Today, I was working on the shingling and Ted was doing some painting. We are supposed to have good weather till Wednesday evening so we want to take advantage of it.

Ted's neck was quite sore tonight. He is walking around the house looking at the ceiling.

As you can tell from the pictures, the roof has a steep pitch. It was very difficult working with just a rope. There has been a guy shingling down the road from us so we went and asked him what he uses for supports. He gave us some roof jacks that we could borrow. Wow, it really has been a help. The people here are so wonderful. Today, we had to pick some stuff up at the building centre. A guy came up to us and started chatting. He said he lived in Crow Head and that he was going to stop by and offer any of his tools if we needed them. This is a very normal gesture around these parts. It is what more of the world should be like.

Tomorrow will be another day of the same. Will send more pics when the stain is on the siding...the roof is shingled..and maybe the windows and doors in...cross your fingers.

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  1. You both won't know what to do when you have the building complete. You have done so much in a short period of time. Great Work!

    Love - Allen & Linda