Monday, 23 April 2012

Aw The Smell of Salt Air!

I sit here tonight wondering how to start this post after such a long break.  I do apologize profusely for my tardiness and hope that you will be a faithful follower this year again as you were last season during our journey to where we are now.  I will say that life (and therefore my posts) will have much more life to them now that Madilyn has so amazingly entered our lives.  We see life through a new set of glasses. A pair that focuses on the small wonders of life here on the planet.  These small wonders make all the difference.  Everything I thought was big and important has taken a back seat.  Its amazing how such a small helpless being can impact our lives so much.  As hectic as life becomes with a baby, it almost slows down in an amazing uncomprehensible way.

Sometimes it takes me a long time to finally find the time to update my blog but when I do I always feel revitalized.  My life so often seems like a blur but putting it in words makes everything clearer.  Its like a bunch of puzzle pieces coming together to form a beautiful picture.  So, that being said I am going to try and write more often so that my life can better be put into perspective.

Hit The Road Jack!

After a wonderful visit with Andrew, Jenny and Zachary it was time to say goodbye and start putting some miles behind us.

We were very sad to say goodbye but Zachary was really good at consoling.

Madilyn was all ready to go in her new shoes that she found at a used children's store for just 2 dollars.  She really knows how to find the deals....just like her daddy.

Off we go!!

The Grand Arrival!

It wouldn't have been so grand if it wasn't Madilyn's "first steps" (metaphorically speaking) on "The Rock".  It was a mild but windy day when we got off the ferry.  We hadn't driven 10 km on the Trans Canada  when we hit a bump that broke a spring on the trailer.  This was maybe 1 minute after Ted commented on feeling relieved   that we were on The Rock after travelling so many miles with a maximum loaded trailer.  I tell you, we didn't have such great luck this trip with two trailer flats and a broken spring.  I think the stretch of road from Edmundston (border between New Brunswick and Quebec) and Riviere du Loup is somehow cursed.  This is where we had our first flat tire. It seems that we either have trailer trouble or really bad weather or foggy conditions that make it impossible to see.  Its the only stretch of road that isn't divided too.

During our first pit stop, Madilyn got to try out her new winter wear.  Seems weird to be buying winter wear in April..only in Newfoundland.
We were all in good spirits considering the circumstances.

  It was Good Friday and so nothing was open.  We made it to Grand Falls Windsor driving slow and doing our best to avoid every bump, crack, stone on the road.  The trailer was sinking lower and lower until the wheel well was resting on the tire when we hit a bump.  

The best part about Newfoundland is definitely the people.  We were able to get our trailer fixed.  If one place didn't have the part or didn't do the work they did there best to refer us to somewhere that did.  They go over and above their duty thats for sure.  The guys that fixed the trailer ended up staying 3 hours longer just so we could have our trailer for that day.  A great welcome back to the island.  

Home At Last

We arrived home to snow but not enough to shovel our way in.  The house warmed up fairly quickly and we got the plumbing hooked up within a week or so.  We just got hot water in the house a couple days ago.  I have never been so excited to have a shower (which would take a lot for me to say).  The mountain of clothes to be washed is slowly diminishing.  

It is amazing how fast we got into a routine here with both Madilyn and work.  We aren't open yet but plan to be in a couple weeks or so.  Getting our construction done is a slower process but we had anticipated this.  

The New Look

Here are some pics of how we left the place last fall.  These pictures are definitely long time coming.

Now that the house is up and out of the way we created a lot more parking for the cafe....and a wonderful view. 

We got enough work done on the downstairs to close it in for the winter.  We have framed the walls for banks of windows once we have time to put them in.  Also, the addition between the buildings is now in the process of being built.  This will tie the buildings together and be a little room for Madilyn right beside our cafe kitchen.  More pictures to come once we finish this.

The new entrance to our house.   The parking for our car is now on top of the cliff with a spectacular view.   

Lets not forget Crosbie.  He has finally returned to his stomping grounds.  He is still as fast as lightning when exploring the cliffs and trails.  He has been wandering around the town being the all star for the road hockey league at the bottom of the hill.  This fame unfortunately has some drawbacks though.  He has lost some of his freedom as a result and is chained up now unless we are on a walk or run with him.  I guess he couldn't resist this kind of fun (understandably).  We don't want him to be the town wanderer though.  

Gotta go and get some sleep.  Seem to be lacking in this department lately.  Its really taking its toll on me.  Good night and sleep tight.


  1. I am soooo looking forward to smelling that salt air, and the smell of a baby, and the sweet smell of sticky buns, and...,and everything! The place looks grand, too!

  2. Hi Katie, Ted and Madilyn. We miss you and especially holding Madilyn in our arms. Love the photo with Madilyn and Zachary.
    Took photos today of Reuben and a few of Aimee, Tosh & Rueben outside their first home as a family. Going to have them made up for Rueben's book. Truck was well on the way to being packed.
    Snow has arrived here tonight, hard to believe the ground is white again.
    Good luck with your Cafe and lots of love to the three of you. Will call soon.
    Linda & Allen XXX 000