Saturday, 3 September 2011

New Crow Claiming Territory in Crow Head

Its been a while since I've had the time to sit down and update my blog. We've now been open for 8 weeks or so and really enjoying our new lifestyle. Sure, there are days that are tough and sometimes it seems that all we do is work but it has been really worth it. We continue to have great response from both tourists, locals and travelers from other parts of Newfoundland.

About a week after I last updated my blog, we put our sign up..we were very excited about its arrival. It is rather unique and a sign that is not often seen in this area. It is kinda like an Irish Pub sign that sways in the wind.

We were wondering if crow's would be scared of the sign or whether it would attract them. So far, we haven't had any encounters.

The sticky buns, muffins and cookies are still regular favourites but we've incorporated other items as well. Someone suggested date squares (or rectangles in our case) and they have been going like hotcakes. Its rewarding to have people returning multiple times so they can get their sticky bun or date square fix. We have also starting doing soups, which has been successful too.

The weather the last month has been fabulous. Not too hot or cold (mid twenties) and mainly sunny. We have finally been handed a taste of summer!!! To top it off, there are now icebergs passing on a regular basis. Usually they are at their peak in June but this year is a completely different story. There was a big iceberg up near St. Anothony (I'm sure some of you heard about it) that is now breaking off and making its way down iceberg alley. From Long Point (the lighthouse) you can see a couple dozen. There are supposedly lots more to come. They are a bit shy as they aren't coming in too close but maybe with a change in wind we will have some neighbours for a while.

This isn't the greatest picture but it shows our very handsome boy, Crosbie so its worth showing. We are trying to get a better routine going so we both aren't working from 7:30-10 every day. We alternate opening up in the mornings and take turns getting Crosbie out for a run once (sometimes twice) a day. The days do sail by quite quickly though with all the baking and serving coffee etc. We are still meeting wonderful people daily and getting to know the locals better. Now, some of the kids come in asking for their usual (chocolate chip cookie).

The blueberries have started coming out although they aren't quite at their peak. We have already picked some though and plan on freezing blueberries and partridgeberries to use in our baking next year.

New Addition to Our Cafe for Next Season

We will be adding staff to our cafe next year. We figure it would be way more exciting to add a third member to our team. Someone that can make us appreciate the little things in life more and bring joy to our lives. We will be starting the training process around January 3rd.

This is our VERY VERY BIG exciting news that we have to share with you all. We got our ultrasound on Monday (my birthday). I'd have to say that this was the best birthday gift I've ever received. We closed up shop for the morning so we could both experience the first sneak peaks at this little wonder. We're not sure whether its a boy or girl. We'd prefer to be surprised. It has been kicking up a storm and letting us know who's boss.

We are both really excited about this new life and know it can only add lots of joy and special moments to our lives.


  1. I'm not sure where to start as I try to add up the many blessings you guys are integral to. The cafe with its blessing of strangers and neighbours who feel so grateful for the "fix" you provide, or the belly bump who will soon be "an exciting and irritating but always loved" addition to the team. Prehaps most of all, I feel I am blessed that you guys are part of my life. Tasty sticky buns, and sweet poopy buns ...I love being an uncle. I'm just not sure which buns will be sweeter!

  2. It may be a little early to tell, but there is a distinct possibility that this latest wee one will bless us with another incarnation of the "Lewis Head". What a wonderful first picture, and a perfect birthday gift